Lands and Castle of Trasimeno – di Luciano Festuccia

Edizioni Duca della Corgna 1986
Formato 20×20 Pgg 122
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121 Pages


20×20 cm


Duca della Corgna


English – Translator David Newmann




may 1987

A complete work on the history, characters, monuments and art of the entire Lake Trasimeno area
Extremely functional, it is divided into three parts: the first illustrates the history and vicissitudes of the reservoir, geology, characteristics of the territory in the various eras, economy.
The second part presents the general history of the lake area, with extensive references to Hannibal and the battle of 217 BC.
The third part lists, in the form of cards and in alphabetical order, the 60 relevant places to learn fully and in detail what there is to know in the architectural, artistic, naturalistic and individual history fields that the lake basin offers with its over 3000 years of history,
The cards in alphabetical order allow the tourist and the enthusiast to create ad hoc itineraries, also taking advantage of the map inside the publication: that is, the possibility of being able to go to a town or meet a castle and immediately find out about the history and so on interested in that one topic.


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